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Coco Dry Fake Tan Drying & Kabuki Brush

Coco Dry Fake Tan Drying & Kabuki Brush


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Your perfect tanning companion! CocoDRY™ is a natural powder you apply over your favourite brand of sunless tan that:


✓ INSTANTLY dries and sets your tan (no more standing in front of a fan)

✓ ELIMINATES smears and streaks

✓ REDUCES stickiness and transfer of bronzers to clothing & sheets

Why it's special:

✓ WE DON’T HAVE A TYPE CocoDRY™ vibes with ALL at-home and professional tanning products


✓ THANKS TO AUSTRALIAN IVORY CLAY The all-natural CocoDRY™ means our babes with sensitive skin don’t need to miss out 


✓ KEEPING IT REAL Talc free, mica free, natural, vegan & cruelty free!


PRO TIP: CocoDRY™ is a great multitasker! Use daily as a body dusting powder, natural dry shampoo, daily in skin folds or areas that rub to avoid patching (inner thighs rubbing, inside elbow creases, under breasts), or freshen up after the gym!


Did we mention...


✓ Australian Certified Toxic-Free®
✓ Made Safe™
✓ Allergy Certified®
✓ MediCert®
✓ Cruelty-Free Certified™
✓ Vegan-Friendly Certified™

The Coco Dry Fake Tan Drying & Kabuki Brush is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 03, 2022

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