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Bold Fashion-YOUR Way!

Jasmine Riley

Posted on September 08 2022

Bold Fashion-YOUR Way!

Spring Fashion 2022

"Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” ― Anna Wintour  

Welcome spring, you beautiful thing!
If you are ready to wake up from winter hibernation like we are, this blog is for you. We are well and truly ready to celebrate the new season style, colours and silhouettes. We have 3 simple things you need to consider when shopping this season:

Self expression, accessories, wide leg pants!

1. Self Expression
Your new wardrobe should be a reflection of your  personality, inspired by, but not determined by trends. It’s time to shed the wintery woes and pesky viruses…and shine the light on your inner goddess (we know you have one 😉) . 
Our personal mantra at Folly is…casual, comfortable and stylish. We have said it before and we’ll say it every time…trends come and go, it’s how you use them to your personal advantage that counts.
If you don’t already know it…identifying your personal style is key. Then you have the tools to work your individual style magic, using the seasonal  trends as an expression of your true self. This means knowing what works for your body type and skin tone . Not everything that trends will be for you, but if you pick something that speaks to you, then you are on the right path to a brilliant new wardrobe addition ✨
The spring trends for 2022 is BOLD. 

So take a bold print or vibrant colour, opt to explore with layering your monochromes (monochrome doesn't mean boring), or find inspiration in ghosts of wardrobes past and add a few key season pieces that compliment them. There really aren't any rules here, as long as you stay true to your style. 

Do you remember being told ‘blue and green should never be seen?’ Well that was pretty misleading, because we are seeing beautiful examples of it this spring (adding the print on top while keeping the pant/skirt/short simple, ups the anti of your outfit).
This Mink Pink combo for example is divine and would be perfect for a hens day, a lunch time date with girlfriends or a significant other. 

2. Accessories

We love the subtle art of accessorising because it can really elevate your look with little effort. Our tip would be: sometimes less is more! In this case, it’s not a go bold or go home scenario. Adding accessories doesn’t have to be complicated but it WILL enhance your style. A pair of earrings and a necklace can be the icing on the cake. Changing up your hand bag to brighten an outfit can really make a difference or selecting shoes that add the wow factor, the options are endless. 

The stunning jewelry from Indigo and Wolfe, is inspired by the secrets of the sand and the sea and will add expression to even the most basic of outfits. This set is BOLD yet elegant and will take you from beach to brunch or add class to a white tee and jeans. Dont forget to pack some bling if you are planning to jet off on a holiday...jewelery can 100% take your outfit from now to wow!  

 3. Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are set to stay this spring…and are this seasons favourite fit! Don't be afraid to put aside your skinny and straight legged jeans/pants because a wide leg profile gives a sophisticated look and a feminine silhouette. To balance a wide leg, pair them with a fitted top. 
Our tip: if you are new to this look, start with a neutral shade in white, tan or black and take it from there.

Trust us, they look good on any body type! 

So there you have it…that’s our spring update! 
A few other things to keep your eye on this season will be ‘yellow, bras as tops, more cut out dresses (not sure how we feel about this!) and cargo pants.’ 
The reminder here is to be yourself, dress in what makes you happy and let your personality shine through in your style choices. We can’t wait to see how you wear this season x






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